The Peterson Group, Inc.

The Peterson Group


The Peterson Group Inc.

Government Affairs and Public Policy

Advocates for strong public policy that supports agriculture and rural America

Our Founder

Former House Agriculture Committee Chairman Collin Peterson brings his 40 years of experience in public policy supporting a strong rural economy.


Our team has been building relationships on Capitol Hill and around the nation for a combined total of 85 years.


We have a deep understanding of agriculture policy and rural development and their real-world effect on rural America.

  • Offering strategic advocacy to help raise awareness of client’s issues and concerns.
  • Building coalitions and seeking common ground.
  • Seeking solutions across party lines.
  • Honest assessment of issue advocacy success.
  • Maintain trust with clients, Congressional Members, and the Administration.

  • Proven track record of working across party lines, building coalitions, and creating strong public policy.

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